About Turtle Tree Schoolhouse

The Turtle Tree Schoolhouse is a picture book series for children ages 4-8. There will be 10 books in the series, representing the 10 months of the school year. Each story focuses on one student in Ms. Turtle's class that, with the help of the teacher, learns a life lesson that children can relate to. She guides them in caring, and often humorous ways. When one is afraid of the dark, worried about the first day of school, or angry about playground litter, she and the class are there for support! This diverse class of animals, includes a scorpion, howler monkey, and turkey, just to name a few.  The first book, Turtle Tree Schoolhouse: The First Day of School, will debut in September 2015. Each  subsequent book will be released each month thereafter through June 2016. The books can be ordered from Turtletreeschoolhouse.com.

About the Author

Bridget Asbury's love for writing started at an early age, when she wrote her first play about a haunted house. Throughout her childhood, she continued to write, and perform in school plays and talent shows, even acting professionally in a H.C. Anderson play in Odense, Denmark. In college she continued her theatrical endeavors and directed A Christmas Carol at Rutgers University.

Upon graduation, Bridget worked for talent agents and casting directors in NYC for Broadway, TV, and film. She worked in the casting department on the movie, Die Hard: With a Vengeance, starring Bruce Willis. Later, she received the Telly Award for writing and directing her independent film, Life's Like a Movie.

She created the Turtle Tree Schoolhouse series to motivate her children to read. She wanted to combine their love of turtles, with diverse and uncommon animals, such as scorpions, toucans, and luna moths. It was important to convey a positive message to encourage them to trust their intuition and make meaningful decisions in life.

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