Turtle Tree Schoolhouse: Characters
Ms. Turtle: Every student dreams of having a teacher like Ms. Turtle. She is kind, respectful and smart. She understands that each child is special in their own way.
Flea: Flea is the smallest friend in the class . He is very enthusiastic, and often jumps up and down in excitement!

Scorpion: Despite his scary reputation, this arachnid is very sweet, kind, and sensitive.

Turkey: Turkey cares about the Earth and nature. His mission is to remind others to protect the environment.

Unicorn: Unicorn joins the Turtle Tree Schoolhouse in December. She has a magical ability to create art with her horn, often producing glitter and happiness around her.

Toucan: Toucan used to live in the rainforest, and so he loves bright colors. He enjoys experiencing new adventures!
Elephant: Sometimes Elephant forgets things and is grateful when her friends help her out. In return, she is always there to give them a hand...or a trunk!
Monkey: Monkey loves to dance, and always wears her purple tutu. She is a howler monkey, the loudest mammal on Earth. She is responsible and caring.
Robin: Robin loves to sing and wants everyone to listen because his music makes others happy.
Luna Moth: Luna loves to brighten up the world and everyone in it!
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